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The Best You Can Be:
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This work should be in every classroom
and home on the planet.

Dr. Robert Muller,
Past Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations
On The Creating Peace Project


The Best You Can Be Foundation brings parents, counselors, teachers and children empowerment resources, inspirational products, and online courses to create peaceful, loving, and nurturing relationships.


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How much better would your life be if you and your family could learn to relax and connect in a loving way?


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Family Bonding Moment

The Gratitude Game

There is nothing sweeter than sharing love and appreciation with your family.  This is even more important when the people you love disappoint you or you and your family are under stress, there are still parts of them that you can appreciate.  As you play the gratitude game write down all the things that you love about each member of your family.  Decorate your page with your own unique style.  Then, read out loud your words of love and appreciation.  Hang this page in your home to remind you of the love that you share.  Then once a week tell your family at least 3 things you love and appreciate about them.  The more good you begin seeing in each other, the more good will continue to see.


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Holiday for Hope and Hopefest

We hosted 100 of the most deserving children and their parents from, Children's Home Society, for a celebration of empowerment, pure joy, family bonding and inspirational life lessons. As a community, we are joining groups in over 50 cities in 6 countries to host the largest event for at risk children on our planet.

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